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Frequently asked questions


When will the admission for MSIT Online Program happen?

MSIT Program follows a rolling admission schedule. Every two months, a new batch of students will be signed up for the program. Batch 1 admissions is complete and our next admission cycles will happen in October 2021 and January 2022.

How can I apply for MSIT Program?

Simple! Just fill in the form and our Admissions Team will reach out to you to schedule your interview with the Admissions Panel.

How much does the MSIT Program cost?

The program fees are dependent on which Learning Centre you choose to enrol yourself with, based on your interview performance. Here are the Program costs for the respective learning centres: IIIT-Hyderabad: INR 2 Lakh JNTU-Hyderabad: INR 1.5 Lakh JNTU-Kakinada: INR 1 Lakh JNTU-Anantapur: INR 1 Lakh SVU Tirupati: INR 1 Lakh This cost is split across your preparatory and main courses. More details on our fee structure here:

What is the eligibility for the MSIT Program?

Whether you're a civil engineering graduate or an electronics one, we don't discriminate! All branches of B.Tech/B.E. degree holders are eligible for the MSIT Online program.

Will the MSIT Program provide placement opportunities?

The MSIT Program is a full-fledged Master's Program from IIIT Hyderabad which includes placement opportunities as well.

Will I be able to complete all the courses in the span of 1 year?

The course has been designed to ensure our students, even those who are starting from scratch, develop mastery of their subjects and even pursue a specialization if they so choose. The course is ideally to be completed in one year. However, if a student fails to achieve a mastery in any subject (a score of 80%), the student can retake the course as well. However, the program must be completed within a span of two-years at most. This allows for the flexibility our students look for, while also enabling hyperlearning, as the need of the hour for the workforce of tomorrow.

How is the Admissions interview structured?

The interview will be conducted via a virtual meeting on Zoom. You'll need to ensure your webcam and microphone are both functional for the interview. The interview has a four-fold objective to evaluate your candidature for the MSIT Program. Obj 1: The panelists will establish if you meet the eligibility criteria for admission to the program. Obj 2: The panelists will review the program objectives with you and evaluate your preparedness to tackle the program. Obj 3: The panelists will review your GAT score (if applicable) and assess your aptitude. Obj 4: The panelists will evaluate your communication skills. Note: Please do keep your Aadhaar card handy for the interview and do come prepared for on-spot aptitude tests.

About MSIT Online

How many credits do I need to complete the program?

The MSIT Online program offers Sixty (60) course credits to complete the program and a chance to specialize in one of the electives. Students will need to achieve mastery (80%) in each course.

What is the preparatory course?

The Preparatory Course is a basecamp program to ensure our students get to familiarize themselves with essential concepts to enable them to pursue the main program on an even platform, regardless of their technical educational background. Students also get to experience campus life at their learning centres during the Preparatory Course, in a safe, socially distanced manner by following all COVID safety protocols.

How much should I score in the preparatory course to be eligible for the program?

There are two subjects in the preparatory course. IT Workshop and Computer Science Principles and Python Programming. Students are required to get a mastery i.e., 80% in both subjects.

How do I specialize in a domain?

Specializations have been simplified in the MSIT Online program. Now all you need to do is pursue all the subjects in the track (domain) you want to specialize in and then pursue your 4-week Practicum in the same domain. Once done, you will receive a degree with your specialization mentioned. Picking a specialization is completely optional.

What is group instruction? Is is compulsary?

Group Instruction will be similar to a fixed classroom schedule whether in physical presence during the Preparatory Course or virtually during the Main program. All students signed up to the course will need to be present for these and attendance is compulsory.

How do I customize my tutoring?

When you enrol on the program, you will gain access to the Program Dashboard. With this, you can keep a track of your subjects, your classes and even book additional one-to-one learning slots with your mentors to better understand any topic in the subject.

How is the MSIT Online program structured?

The MSIT Online program is split across two phases: The Preparatory Course: A two-month-long course conducted on-campus (your Learning Centre) The Main Course: A 10-month-long online program that you can pursue once you clear the preparatory course.

Where will the preparatory course be conducted?

The Preparatory Course is conducted at the Learning Centre you are admitted to. This will be conducted in small batches of 50 students and they will need to be physically present at the Learning Centre. All necessary COVID safety guidelines will need to be strictly adhered to by students and staff alike.

What is optional one-on-one tutoring?

Each of us learns at a different pace, and one-on-one tutoring allows students to personalize their learning experience at the MSIT Online program. Students can purchase credits which can be used to book additional one-on-one tutoring sessions with their mentors and explore the subject at a personalized pace.